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Forum was released! - Admin - 11-30-2022

Hello everybody,

I am pleased to announce ScriptStore's new forum. You will be able to find usefull things about my products here, on official forum. This is going to be the best place were you will be able request new features for our products, you can report any bug found in any from our products and many more. I hope you're going to enjoy it!

Best Regards!

RE: Forum was released! - Imran - 02-05-2023

Hello sir.

It will be very useful for us if you create a telegram discussion group for your customers. All your customers will join here and if you solve a problem for one customer  here then all other customers will get their solution for this problem. Also everyone will be able to help each other. All this can be done here but telegram will be more convenient and accessible here.

RE: Forum was released! - Admin - 02-05-2023

Thank you for your suggestion Imran, but if there is a script bug, when it gets sorted out for a customer, update is released for all the others. Sometimes there are issues based on wrong configuration, webhost and so on and in such situations, one solution won't work for another customer aswell. I do provide support to all my customers, but a Telegram group (or similar) will be mostly spammed by all kind of people and won't be a real use for now.